Or how about “No, thank you!” I hate Amy Poehler’s book. There, I said it.

It’s easily the worst book I’ve read since Sweet Valley High turned into Sweet Valley University (talk about jumping the shark).

I know I’m being harsh, and I know that just about everyone else is raving about Yes Please. I was so amped to read it because I had heard such wonderful things about how funny and inspiring it was. So to be fair to Amy, perhaps my expectations were a bit inflated, henceforth fueling the now burning angst I feel toward the precious time I wasted consuming this book.

And I have a confession: I didn’t even finish it.

I know, I’m the worst!

I got just under halfway through and couldn’t get enthused about continuing. I found myself daydreaming mid-chapter about what was going to happen on the next Vanderpump Rules. So yes, this review is certainly an unfair and incomplete one. But based on what I did read, I can tell you these three things:

  1. It’s never a good sign when the author tells you how bad the book is in the very first chapter. I get that she was trying to be transparent and humorous, but there’s some truth to that insecurity. With that statement, she was lowering our standards bar and playing to our pity because she knew that what she had produced was sub-par. Not cool, Amy.
  2. It reads like a diary or scrapbook. Sorry Amy, I love ya and totally respect you as a comedian/actress/artist, but if I have to listen to you name-drop or brag or give me the story of your life through painstakingly over-detailed anecdotes one more time… I might drop-kick a puppy. Where’s the payoff for your readers? What’s the life lesson? For me, Amy failed to make that link to the “so what?”
  3. I think that my decision to abruptly stop reading is a strong signal of the quality (or lack thereof) of Amy’s storytelling. I tried bargaining with myself to press on because I had already invested time in getting this far into the book… but guess what? That time investment is a sunk cost. I’m never getting it back. But I can prevent losing more time to an utterly “meh” book.


I so wanted this to be as good as everyone said it was. I adore Amy Poehler. Just not her book.

Am I missing something? For those of you that love it, can you help me understand why? I really want to give Amy the benefit of the doubt here.

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