Complete Whole30 Meal Plan

Eat Clean with this 30-Day Whole30 Meal Plan


Greetings, friends! It’s that time of the year when we make empty promises to ourselves with regard to our fitness and dietary goals. Promises that we have great intentions of keeping, but inevitably fail at because we don’t make it easy on ourselves to integrate them with our busy lives.

It’s also that time of year when Google searches on “Whole30” increase by triple-digit percentages. Many people are curious about it, are excited to start, are willing to commit, but still don’t know how or where to begin.

This post is designed to give you everything you need to kick off the new year with a fresh, Whole30 start. I have scoured the interwebs, curated my favorite recipes, and compiled them into 30 days of pre-planned gloriousness for you. So now you truly have NO excuse to not follow through on your Whole30 intentions! Before we dig into the meal plan, a few things to know…

How I Designed This Plan

  • This is not going to give you an overview of what you can/can’t have on Whole30. If you need a 101, try Google or the site. Or, take a peek at My Whole30 Tips below for some real talk.
  • One key goal of the meals I have assembled was achieving variety. Not having sugar-laced condiments and sauces dumped all over your food will  mind f*ck you into thinking you’re missing out. So there may be some dishes in here that you wouldn’t normally try. But trust me, and enjoy the culinary adventure.
  • Another goal of mine was to strike a balance of quick, easy meals, with more involved recipes.
  • I’ve tagged all recipes with various meal times (e.g., breakfast), dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten-free, vegetarian), and situational circumstances (e.g., kid-friendly, date night, game day). When you see a “weekend” tag, that means it’s a lengthy or involved recipe that you should save for the weekend when you have a bit more time.

My Whole30 Tips

  • Read the book. It’s worth the $20, and it’s important for you to understand the rationale behind eliminating certain foods from your diet for 30 days.
  • Hydrate like whoa. It will trick your brain into feeling full when all you want to do is stab someone for some motherf*cking M&M’s in Week 1 (yes, that’s a real thing).
  • It’s hard af. Anyone that tells you how amazing and easy it is is just full of shit. You will want to quit. You will be tempted to cheat. You will hate yourself for thinking you were more than a weak-ass slave to cheese.
  • You WILL f*ck up. This is an extension of that being a weak-ass point, but you will eat something you shouldn’t – either on purpose or inadvertently. Just expect it now so you aren’t so hard on yourself.
  • Decide if you will reset or just keep going. When you do mess up, you are supposed to completely start over (per the book). I was more lenient on myself, practiced a little forgiveness, and kept on going. Either way, it’s not the end of the world.
  • Invest in a spiralizer. You’re gonna be making a f*ckton of vegetable noodles in place of pasta, so buy one of these bad boys now.
  • At some point, you will want to slit someone’s throat for a glass of wine. Accept that this will happen and find a way to make peace with it.
  • Things will taste plain and boring at first. That’s because we over-salt all of our food and pump sugar into literally all the things. Your taste buds will evolve and you will gradually appreciate the more basic flavor profiles of the clean dishes you’re cooking.
  • There will come a time when you can’t stomach the thought of one more egg. So when you see something weird like “chia pudding” for breakfast – trust me and go for it. Your body will appreciate the variety.
  • Consider a starter kit. You will have to stock weird things in your pantry now (like coconut aminos). Think about getting an essentials kit. Thrive Market has a great Whole30 starter kit that I recommend.
  • Food prep blows, but it will save your ass. What you need to prep each week will depend on the menu and your schedule, but I put these items in regular rotation: hard boiled eggs, bacon, cauliflower rice (you can buy “cauliflower pearls” in the produce section), spaghetti sauce (or if you don’t want to make it from scratch, Rao’s brand is compliant), shrink-wrapped sweet potatoes – the kind that you can microwave for 7 minutes.

Okay, let’s get to the meal plan, already!

What You Get

  • 30 Breakfasts
  • 30 Lunches
  • 30 Dinners
  • 10 Snacks
  • Full recipes for all
  • Week-by-week meal plan – I will tell you exactly what to eat on what day so all you need to do is follow the schedule

What You Don’t Get

  • Shopping lists (sorry, I’ve spent hours pulling all of this together to make it easy to get started, but you have to bring something to the table so you have some skin in the game, here! Plus, I have no idea what’s in your pantry or how many in your household will be Whole30-ing.)

The Meal Plan

Ya know that saying, “We eat with our eyes?” Yeah. I like my meal plans to look like a veritable visual feast. And so, I present to you:

Whole30 Week 1

Whole30 Week 2

Whole30 Week 3

Whole30 Week 4

Whole30 Final Days

Now that you’ve seen the meal plan, hopefully your mouth is watering and you’re more excited than ever. Want the full recipes? For a mere $9.99, you can get your grubby hands on all of them. I am donating 60% of the proceeds to The Buckeye Summit causes, because: Ohio is among the worst states nationally for issues of food insecurity. That’s a big deal! I want to help do something about it. And with your purchase, you will be doing a bit to support this effort as well.

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