What up, world. I’m Carolyn, the sassypants behind Atypically Ladylike (formerly Get It, Girl).


(And that man piece is my husband Michael)

The origin story

I don’t know about you ladies out there, but I am tired of being put into a box. Terms that definitively classify – wife, mother, boss – are important signifiers of our identities… but they don’t represent the entirety of our identities. Yes, I am a strategy director, and a woman, and a dog mom, and a fiancee. But more important and fundamental than that, I am a human being. With feelings, ambitions, interests, and more. So much more. *shakes fist dramatically*

At Get It, Girl, I tried to focus my blog on a celebration of female badassery. But it felt limiting, to constantly ground my existence in my womanhood. Sure, I’m fucking proud of being a successful female, but when we constantly advocate for and highlight the aspects of our humanity that make us different, we can often overlook wonderful opportunities to celebrate what unifies us (larger causes, movements, political beliefs).

A fresh start

So I knew I needed to shift away from what Get It, Girl was originally intended to be. As I evaluated all of the blogs that I so enjoyed reading, I noticed that they were (for the most part) quite focused. Beauty blogs, foodie blogs, mommy blogs, fashion blogs, etc. But when I took inventory of the things that interested me, that I wanted to write about, that I wanted to share with people… it was a crazy list of shit that was all over the place. How could I build an identity on that?

This is the very thing I am out to prove: that although our society has this obsessive knee-jerk reaction to classify by labeling, I reject that convention. What defines me as a “lady” in today’s culture is as varied and nuanced as the next badass bitch. So yeah, sorry, I’m not going to just write about one topic because that’s boring af.

What you can expect from me:

  • Nerdery (cooking, crocheting, books, podcasts)
  • Fitness (running, workouts, meal plans, playlists)
  • Humor (parody songs, short films, collaborations with other bloggers)
  • Food (recipes, restaurant reviews, Pinterest fails)
  • Rants (because every now and then you just have to blow a gasket)
  • Copious amounts of sass peppered throughout

I hope you enjoy. I hope you find a piece of yourself that identifies with this shit storm of content. I hope you get inspired. And most importantly, I hope you laugh so hard that you maybe pee a little.

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